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Sometimes, I'm struck by a great wine, and then sometimes I see terrific bargains, where the ratio between the quality and the price is unusually good. My recent coups de coeur, the French would say.

(This section represents "quick picks," short notes, spotlighting the most recent handful of wines that really got my attention over the last few issues of the E-Zine.  The point is just to compile a few months worths of "wows" that will tell you what I've really flipped over.  If you read the tasting notes regularly, this section may be redundant, but when the wine appears here you know there was something about it I really liked that made it stand out, apart from just scores.    This section doesn't get any longer since as it gets longer, the last wines are deleted. For detailed and more numerous tasting notes go either to Tasting Notes for individual notes on wines not included in articles, or Wine Articles---Table of Contents Page.)





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