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Introduction and
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Purpose I know it can be hard to figure out where you are and where you are going at a large web site, so here's a birdseye view. The goal of this site, unlike most others on the WEB, is to provide a focused approach to wine appreciation and reviews. More wide-ranging discussion takes place on the Bulletin Board .The Bulletin Board has moved to fora.erobertparker.com and grown amazingly fast.  Still, we have a community of fine people, and members remain because they like the "community feel" as much as they like the rather considerable wine information imparted.  Many current members of my BB began posting with me on other forums as early as 1987.   

This is not my full time job.  I have no desire to create some massive, umbrella site that is home to every disparate wine faction in the universe. My site reflects my point of view only. This site started by collecting my own reviews, articles, photos and notes, many of which were professionally published, originally, in print magazines. It was never intended to be all things to all people, but was rather a personal, and focused site. Some places on the internet have become cafeterias, and their owners have become editors, by pulling into their orbit virtually every wine faction imaginable.  It's a way to operate, but not what I want to do. I don't want to have the most partners, or the largest site. I want to have a point of view.  Although the site expanded dramatically in 1998 by including the Bulletin Board,  I still have no interest in being all things to all people, and in effect merely becoming a supervisor or editor rather than content creator.  I'm also not concerned with "organizing" the WEB through copious links, nor is this a commercial operation seeking to sell wine.  

Here are the major sections of this site:

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