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Wine WEB pages

  • The Alchemist Pandell's sometimes controversial, definitely different page. Discusses interesting issues, such as how slightly warm storage changes not only the development of wine, but harms it.
  • All About Wine  Their self-description: "This site provides a number of very valuable information to the lover of wines. The page, history of wines gives you the brief knowledge about the wine cultivation in the world."

  • All American Wineries Comprehensive locator and directory for over 1800 wineries in the USA, listed by state. Includes location and contact  information, plus links to wineries with websites.

  • Blue Wine  This is a site which acts as a wine portal, proclaiming that  it is a "communication and marketing company dedicated to wines and spirits from around the world. Based in Montreal and Bordeaux, our team is composed of enthusiasts and sommeliers who offer a variety of services to amateurs and professionals." In French and English.

  • Bryson on Why the Penna. LCB should be abolished

  • Bordeaux Central  Focus on you know what....

  • Bordeaux Wine Travel Makes arrangements with Chateaux, individualized and personal car service

  • Buckets of Wine New directory for wine enthusiasts


  • Burgundy  From a guy in Dijon, a promise just to give you information on Burgundy.

  • BYOBGuide  A major undertaking to focus on BYOBs.

  • Tom Canavan's Wine Pages Scottish oenophile with a passion for Bordeaux (good choice!) My favorite bulletin board other than my own.

  • Cellar Geek Personal reviews and notes and more.

  • Claret Jugs The Kent Collection: fanatical decanter collector shows off his stuff

  • Espavino  A guide to Spanish wine regions and their wines. In GERMAN

  • Fine Wine Guide   Their description: "Excellent Information about fine wine for wine beginners explained in a simple manner. Learn the fine art of appreciating wine, the various methods of wine storage and much more!"

  • Finland wine facts: Vini Web.  Finnish alcohol culture, alcohol policy issues and statistical information about drinking habits.

  • German Wine Page, from Peter Ruhrberg. From a German, long established, living near Pfalz. Great info. 

  • GoBYO.com  This started as a Philadelphia BYOB site, but has expanded.


  • Great Home Made Wine   Home made wine....


    Great Wines from Spain  Enthusiast, non-commercial site. Self description: "Your guide to learning all about Spanish wine, including the history, wine laws, wine regions, grapes and much more. Includes an updated vintage chart."

  • Jeffswinefollies.com A master sommelier candidate's personal site

  • Arthur Johnson's Wine People  Great interviews and personal articles in one of the best written sites on the 'net. The personal nature and informative articles remind me of my own site.

  • Joshua Tree Wine Gourmet Personal site focusing on novice information and Australian and Californian wine recommendations
  • Let's Talk Wine Contains informative blog posts and article on basic wine info

  • Les Kincaid's guide to food, wine, golf, Vegas oriented

  • Level's Wines of France
    This amazing compendium of information on-line gives you maps of all French appellations, tips, and other detailed information--literally, a wine encyclopedia on-line and done for free at your fingertips.

  • Local Wine Events    A site that is trying to act as a national compendium for wine events, city by city. Great idea, and now features email notifications, too.

  • MacVine Elaborate Montreal-based site in French   with vintage charts, tasting recommendations, etc.
  • Mark Spivak (formerly Uncorked Magazine)

  • Mead Made Complicated Something different--all about honey wine.

  • Origins & Ancient History of Wine  The University of Pennsylvania professors' fascinating historical work.

  • La Passion du Vin: French site with good bulletin board

  • phillyBYOB.com Spotlights BYOs in the region, since renamed to DiningInfo.com

  • QPRwines.com is a wine buying guide that groups wines by the wine critics' average score then ranks by price/value.

  • Ragens, The  Personal site of Seattle enthusiast

  • Sonoma Uncorked New website with all you need to know about Sonoma food, wine and tourism

  • Strat's Place Wine Label Library Several megs of wine label images ---free! North Carolina based ALSO: See the WINE LABEL GALLERY

  • Tablewine Focus on affordable wines. 

  • A Time For Wine Couple present personal view of Northern California, Oregon. No. California wine buffs offer tasting notes and suggestions on choosing the wine that's right for you

  • Travel Envoy Wine Guide hyperlinks to over 5000 wineries worldwide, with various wine info and winery links, too.

  • VICI VINO  Personal website focusing on wine region travel tips, winemaker interviews and more.

  • Vinography-- a personal wine blog

  • Visual Bacchus/Wine of the Week Finnish site with great photos to go with wine stuff

  • Stephane Vuillard's Page    French enthusiast starts new French language page. Great basic info on vintages and appellations.

  • WARPA Store your wine inventory on line.

  • Weekendwinery.com  This site offers links to various wineries and bills itself as the guide to American wineries

  • West Coast Wine Discussion Board  Brad Harrington's page, discussion boards
  • Wine Cellar Insider Jeff Leve's new blog, focusing on Bordeaux; great info there, plus photos

  • Wijnidee.com  Great Belgian website---in Flemish

  • Wine Alley
    New site with French orientation, but gives anyone the ability to post a classified ad for wines they want, or want to sell. Trying to be a "portal" for wine, something a lot of places are doing these days.

  • The Wine & Dine E-Zine, UK based, lots of articles.

  • Wine, Beers & Spirits on the Net Comprehensive site, lots of links, one of the venerable private pages around, from Dean Tudor.

  • The Wine Boobs   Avant garde wine criticism.

  • The Wine Doctor From Chris McKissack. Contains plenty of profiles, advice and information for all. Regularly updated.

  • Winefocus.com This site is another attempt to create a portal page centered on wine. Does a better job than most, concentrates on organizing links. The category descriptions can be rather cryptic at times.

  • WineGeeks.com  Focusing on wine reviews and food pairings, and also providing information on varietals, etc.

  • WineInfo.net FREE information on wine, grape varieties, history, wine terms and links to thousands of wineries all over the world!  Covers some of the same ground as winegeeks.com, above.

  • WineKey.Com User friendly guide to California and Italian wines including definitions, trivia and an internal search engine.  Terrific amount of info; compare to World Wine Web below. One or the other seems to cover the encyclopedia

  • Wine Labels World Belgian site with vast number of labels, including lots of fun, obscure things

  • Wine Lines:   A personal site from a wine journalist with articles and tasting notes.

  • WineMega  This new site seeks to aggregate wine ratings for Bordeaux from many reviewers and achieve a consensus of sorts.

  • Wine Release Tells you when the hottest wines are available.

  • Wineries.com presents reviews of the best wine-related websites. Sites are listed by subtopic and feature descriptive guides to the most essential wine websites in the areas of: sales, appreciation, gifts, travel, and many more.

  • WineSearch New site that is built around a search engine for wine related matters.

  • Wine Search on line  This site is oriented to buying wine,  the idea being that they will tell you who is selling any wine you are looking for. For a similar concept, see Wine Access.com above.

  • The Wine Slob  Their self description: "Good wine, good friends, good food, good fun! WineSlob.org is about enjoying wine without all the pretense. Wine reviews and information from an average guy."

  • The Wine Tool   North Carolina couple focuses on affordable wines, bargains

  • Wineweb A Swedish site trying to be a wine portal, with a lot of links. The competition is heavy, though.

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  • Antinori  One of Italy's most famous....

  • Beaux Freres   The winery became famous because of Robert Parker's involvement, but the wines speak for themselves and Mike Etzel is the winemaker.

  • Chateau Haut Brion   What else can we say?

  • Chateaux Lynch Bages The family run group of estates from Jean-Michel Cazes, Decanter's Man of the Year, 2002.

  • Crown Valley Winery A winery in Missouri. These days, wine is virtually everywhere.

  • Estates & Wines  This is (by request) the food and wine pairing page from Moët Hennessy.

  • Fox Creek  One of the best known of Australia's cult wineries.

  • Hugel   One of Alsace's most familiar and most respected names.

  • Jaboulet Ainé  Famous name from the Rhone Valley

  • Chateau Lafite-Rothschild  Pauillac's famous 1st Growth

  • Chateau Lafon Rochet If you're complaining about high prices, this winery delivers a lot for a lot less. Try the amazing '94.

  • Chateau Latour First Growth, Bordeaux,  the legend, my favorite

  • Chateau Margaux Another famous 1st of Bordeaux

  • Mondavi  The winery many people would say started or at least kick-started the modern California wine industry

  • Chateau Montus  One of France's great "little appellation" wines. The Madiran star.

  • Penfolds Australia's most famous wine.

  • Chateau Pontet Canet   A big estate, with lots of good performances in the last decade or so
  • Redmon Vineyards New California winery with microproduction quantities

  • Torres  One of the great Spanish names, especially for their Black Label cabernet.

  • Chateau d'Yquem  If you don't know Yquem....

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  • AmericanWineryGuide.com Free directory of U.S. wineries on the internet, with wine festivals, itinerary planning tool and the "internet's only interactive Google map of all of the country's AVAs."

  • Burgundy Today   The well known French magazine focusing on .... Burgundy!

  • http://www.burgundy-canal.com/ focuses on barge trips around Burgundy--a very scenic tour, with lots of ambience

  • Decanter Famous British mag, with greatly revised and expanded site

  • FREE THE GRAPES   A crusade calling on the average consumer to help end shipping restrictions and support free trade in wine.    

  • Hawkins, Anthony's Glossary of Wine Terms  Selfless wine pro compiles an enormous file with an exhaustive listing of all the wine terminology you might ever need, online, and free

  • Johnson, Hugh's Wine Page. Famed British wine writer gives tips, explains basics.

  • eRobertParker.com Robert Parker's full featured, amazingly versatile site hit the web in Fall, 2001. This site also hosts my bulletin board and features my professional reviews of regions like Portugal, Greece and Israel.

  • Mastère spécialisé en commerce international de vins et spiritueux  French master of wine's site, in French

  • Nat Decants Free Wine Newsletter: Wine picks, articles and humor from Natalie MacLean, recently named the World's Best Drink Writer at the World Food Media Awards in Australia. There are no ads and all e-mail addresses are kept confidential. To sign up, visit www.nataliemaclean.com.

  • Jancis Robinson's Web Site Famous British MW online.

  • Rogov's Ramblings Israeli wine journalist. Lots of content. 

  • Taste Tour   Ronn Weigand, M.W. is a principal in this well done site. It features a series of wine guides designed to help you acquire instant wine expertise. The site also has a section for restaurant wine issues.

  • The Vine Guy  Columnist for suburban Washington, D.C. newspaper.

  • Wine Interview Wine entertainment site featuring a streaming video variety show. Wine gifts, reviews, videos, blogs, tours, maps, & sommeliers.

  • WinePros The most famous wine guys in Australia produce a dynamic site. Includes JANCIS ROBINSON'S Oxford Encyclopedia ON LINE as a great bonus!

  • Wine Spectator The well known magazine's big web site.

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  • Organizations: 

  • Aabalat.com Fine and rare wine retailer located in Petaluma, CA
  • Alsace official visit page General tourist site, with lots of great wine stuff, too

  • Australia, Wines of Official Internet venue of the Australian wine industry, regions, winery information

  • Beaujolais Official Site    Well done site on the Beaujolais region. Has hilarious on line game, too!

  • Beaune   This site is the official site for Beaune, and has info regarding the Hospices de Beaune auction, too.

  • Bordeaux Wine Bureau Official site brings you into the city of Bordeaux, its vineyards, wine tips, etc.

  • Bordeaux Wine Experience  Specializes in luxury wine and culinary tours in the Bordeaux region. Week and day tours with tastings in France's most prestigious winegrowing region. Visit Grand Cru’s and indulge on gourmet dining.

  • Bordeaux-news.com  Cool site that lists most all of the chateaux, with direct links to their web sites and email. Very helpful!
  • Burgundy official site

  • California Wineries An educational resource
    for people interested in regional information, general wine information, wineries, wines, events, news and other developments that advance deeper understanding of California Wine Country.

  • Canada,  Wines of Official site.

  • Champagne Wines Info Bureau Comprehensive and informative.

  • Cool Tote wine bags

  • Corkscrew Centre Catalogue of antique and collectable corkscrews

  • Directory of Drink  A directory of alcohol related sites. Self description: "The objective is for it to become the most comprehensive listing of quality sites of alcohol knowledge on the web and in the process, to become a useful resource for anyone searching for anything to do with alcohol, not just for recipes."

  • German Wines USA  Official site, German wine information bureau

  • German Wine Society, the national group. I designed this site and am a member, but don't let that stop you from dropping by.
  • Inside Napa Valley A "directory" site linked to the Napa News newspaper.

  • Italian Internet Winery Focus on Italian wine, from Italy.

  • Langhorne Creek Wine Area, Australia. Near Adelaide, growing rapidly, all you want to know about tourism in the area

  • Long Island Wines Burgeoning New York wine region.

  • French Independent Wine Growers' 
    Great site, linking together lots of small French growers.

  • Grains Nobles  Wine school (and store) in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Features frequent tastings led by Michel Bettane, formerly of Revue du Vin de France.

  • John McNulty's Wine Club Philadelphian John McNulty is a Renaissance kinda wine guy--retailer, radio show host, tour guide, tastings leader, but primarily a wine educator. 

  • Napa Net  This site provides all you want to know about Napa....wines, business, dining, tours, etc.  I saw no statement of purpose, but it seems to cover the Napa universe at least semi-officially, from wine to schools.


  • NewEnglandVine.com NewEnglandVine.com was created for wine enthusiasts as an online directory of wineries, dining, lodging, shopping, entertainment, and events in the New England region of the United States.  Wine, Dine, & Enjoy New England


  •   An online resource for NJ wine enthusiasts...


  • Ohio Wineries: I love the hard work of local wineries.  Markko Vineyards made a chard I loved.  I can't list every local winery, but here's another though in a different part of Ohio: Georgetown Winery


  • www.OregonWines.com
    Focused exclusively on Oregon wines, wineries, and events, OregonWines.com connects wine enthusiasts directly with the winemakers behind these fine Oregon products.

  • Philadelphia School of Wine A new venture as of late 2002. WineLust.com is the official website for the Wine School of Philadelphia.  Wine Classes, Events, and Degrees.

  • Santa Barbara County Wines  SOUTHERN California wine region

  • Spanish Wines   Lots of info on Spanish wine


  • TOW (Travel Our Way) Portuguese tour operator that arranges a variety of wine and gastronomy tours, plus other things

  • VinItaly The Verona based, Italian wine fair.


  • Virginia Wine Guide    Online guide to Virginia wines, food and tourism to Virginia Wine Country.  You can sign up for their monthly newsletter.

  • Wine and Cuisine,  a site focusing on the Southern and Southwestern states

  • Wine Institute Official site, with hardcore info on industry trends, wine law, etc

    Commercial Links
    For retailers, merchants, vendors and those in the wine/accessories sales business per se--a new category in 2003. There is some occasional overlap between this and wine pros, above, but this section intends to deal with sites that are basically selling, or offering services, and not much else.

  • Alicia Tapp Designs Fine Art, Vintage labels & Personal Photographs transferred onto Marble, Glass or Ceramic Tiles.

  • African Tradition  importing fine South African wine, brandy and Amarula
  • Australian Wine Centre   Informational articles as well as the unusual trick of shipping to the US, too.

  • Australian wine country tours Agency handles this and more

  • LE Baccanti Select Wine & Gourmet Holidays and Events

  • BarParts.com  Despite the name,  they sell Wine Accessories, Barware and more, such as decanters, waiter's corkscrews, wine stoppers,  wine glasses, wine gift sets for wine lover..

  • Berry Brothers & Rudd: famous British merchant's online site

  • BK Wine and Wine Travel   BKWine organises wine tours and wine tastings and writes on wine. 15 years experience of wine travel. Free wine and travel newsletter and a photo gallery with 3000 wine pictures. They also have a wine newsletter, the BK Wine Brief.

  • California Reds  Wine of the Month Club offers three wine clubs, gift ideas, and an online wine shop.

  • California Wine Tours & Accessories The site says it is a guide to California wines, despite the limited focus of its name.

  • Cellar Raiders  Cellaraiders buys and sells wine collections of properly cellared wine- specifically   but not limited to French wine, California wine and Italian wine. They also handle wine insurance appraisals.

  • Cellars Wine Club Wine of the month, gifts, etc.

  • CellarTracker  Establishes a community of wine geeks who share cellar notes from their software

  • Cellar Tours Luxury Wine Vacations "Gourmet Wine Tours in Spain & Portugal. VIP private visits, Culinary classes, Historic hotels in Castles and Palaces, dining in rustic, candlelit locales..."

  • Cephas.com-- a great photo site, with lots of fabulous wine photos

  • Country Wines---many items for wine and beer production

  • Denis Art: Painting of wine bottles, glasses. Photorealism wine painting. Belarusian artist shows photorealistic images featuring wine bottles. Limited edition prints too.
  • Earle Wines A longstanding UK Retailer, located in Yorkshire.

  • Eternalwine.com  Self-description: Providing beautiful handpainted wine glasses, stoppers and carafes. Also provides a selection of wine openers, wine racks and storage
  • Exeter Jewelers Italian Sterling Silver Wine Tastevins and fine  Estate Jewelry


  •  Exclusive Wine Vacations  Pretty much self-explanatory....


  • Extranomical Tours  Wine and other tours in Northern California

  • 415 Limo  Serving SF and Napa areas

  • Fanciful.com/ Fanciful Gift baskets. Gourmet gift baskets, corporate gift baskets, wine gift baskets

  • Finely Corked Sells luxury corkscrews and wine accessories

  • France-wine-routes.com  Wine tours in France, especially Burgundy, from Pierre Galmes


    Frontier Wines--An Aussie venture, selling premium wines

  • Gilded Age Wine Tours Two sommeliers based in France do wine tours...and also Paris and France in general.

  • Hendricks, Adele  Artist paints wine labels

  • Hotel du Vin   It's a real hotel--and wine friendly for a great reason. They have a winery! In New Zealand.

  • Tara Hutton's Art, Wine, Shopping Art, shopping, gifts, whatever you choose

  • Italian Wines Direct Italian Wines Direct describes its goal as delivering quality value for money Italian wine, grappa and liqueurs straight from Italian vineyards and direct to your door.  And their sister site Italian Wines Direct Club  Italian Wines Direct Club constantly updated guide to Italian Wine, with reviews, news, articles and wine tips.


  • Jemacave--Wine cellar management software, in French and English

  • Joseph and Curtis Custom Built cellars, located in North Jersey

  • Just corks Great site offering different ways to build things out of your corks---or pre-built if you prefer.

  • Le cache   Wine refrigerators and related items

  • MEMWINE This site describes itself as helping "those who enjoy wine keep their memories fresh and wine details readily available. By Internet or Mobile phone they can access their private information wherever they go and can even update their sensory impressions on the spot."

  • My Bar Butler  Gifts for the wine lover - personalized glasses and barware, hand painted to your order.

  • Nick's Antique Wines: worldwide...

  • One Stop Shopping Shopping online with top retailers offering brand-name products at "fantastic prices"--includes wine shopping.

  • The Organic Wine Company, Earth-friendly wines for the discerning palate

  • Oporto Wines Informational resources, plus wine sales with shipments from Portugal to the USA. Focus on....PORT, of course.

  • Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits The e-commerce site for Pennsylvania's huge State system

  • Personal Wine Curator  Wine cellar software.  Wine cataloguing. Wine and food pairing. For PC and Mac.

  • Santa Rosa Fine Wine self description: Santa Rosa Fine Wine buys and sells highly rated fine wine from Napa, Sonoma and Bordeaux .
  • Spain in a bottle--retailer specializing in Spanish wine, online Spanish wine shipped direct from Spain

  • ShopWinesOnLine "Exceptional wines from boutique California wineries. We’ll guide you to private tours and tastings on your next visit and bring the experience to you at home."

  • The Stallion Store: A foodie site, featuring gift baskets, recipes and more

  • Sterling Wine gifts for wine lovers, wine decor, wine accessories, wine jewelry, wine art and wine racks.

  • Taste of California California and  International wine clubs, small wineries

  • Traveling Vineyard  Independent consultant Bryan Davis says:  "The Traveling Vineyard provides at home wine tasting parties for wine enthusiasts. Our top rated wines are from vineyards throughout the world, and by hosting your own party you can enjoy traveling to these vineyards from the comforts of your home! "

  • 20/20 Wine Merchant--Los Angeles Retailer, shipping worldwide

  • Uncorked Cellar  Cellar management software


  • Uncorked Ventures Wine clubs, focusing on delivering hard to find wines

  • Vigilant, Inc.  Builds wine racks and wine cellars


  • Vinado  Internet retailer with wide distribution and selection, educational courses and online information as well


  • VinoChill.com  Wine Cooler warehouse, various brands, models


  • Vinoté --Downloadable wine cellar software and bottle tags(barcoded and otherwise)

  • Vintage Spain: Wine tours in Spain


  • Vintage Wine and Port  Wine retailer with specialties as indicated by its name--UK based


  • Vintlas--wine tourism. This particular points to Bordeaux, since that is where they were starting.


  • Wally's Wine--Los Angeles. Well know retailer in West LA.

  • Wineaccess.com Oriented on sales, but the twist  is to get a bunch of retailers together and find a wine for you anywhere.  Some similarities to Wine Search Online, below.

  • Wine Cellar Innovations Wine Cellar Innovations offers custom wine storage solutions.


  • http://www.winedeliveryonline.com
    Retail Wine Online

  • Wine Country Getaways  Self explanatory travel site.


  • Wine Country Tour Shuttle Self described as "Most premier tours of the Wine Country" for  Sonoma and Napa Valleys.


  • Wine Encounter Bar--A San Diego wine bar with some 150 selections by the glass and wine tastings.


  • Wine Gift Club  Find wine gifts and wine clubs online.


  • Wine Legacy A retailer site, offering worldwide shipment


  • Wine Lover's Net A free BYOB site...amazing detail, easy to use.  Initial detail concentrates on the Philadelphia region.


  • Wine Map.co.uk   They sell..wine maps!  They say: "Our Educational Artistic Wine Maps are a unique combination of knowledge and art designed to easily guide you when choosing wine and to help you understand more about it"


  • Wine Racks.com  Offers wood wine racks for home wine cellars and wine rooms.

  • Wine Rack Station Wine racks, wine storage and accessories for commercial and residential use. Wall mounted and hanging wine racks in wood and wrought iron to meet your wine storage needs.


  • Wine Racks Superstore  Accessories and wine racks


  • Wines of Interest  UK online retailer

  • Wine Tours   In addition to the obvious, i.e., wine tours of French regions, this site has a lot of basic info about how to find wineries and people in the business.... A great site for the detail-oriented.


  • Wine Vine Imports Self-description: "The ultimate shop for wine accessories, wine  gifts, wine furniture & more!" The site also contains a blog on wine country vacations, gadgets, decor and other things.


  • World Wide Tours  Wine vacations and travel packages around the world.


  • ZipCo Wine/My Cellar Builds cellars, large and small, one of the better know operations in the USA. Also runs through its affiliate "My Cellar" a storage facility in Pennsauken, N.J.

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Non-Wine WEB pages

Assorted sites I like
 Internet tools

  • France Resources  France related news, books and regional resources.
  • Gail's French Links A French teacher's collection

  • Just France  Rent a mas, a villa or an apartment

  • Local Links from France
  •  http://www.parishotelsinc.com/   Self explanatory--find Paris Hotels...

  • The Paris Pages, which manages to do most everything re: Paris, including providing information on weather, events, restaurants, travel guides, and so on.

  • ParisNet A worthy competitor to the Paris Pages. Shopping, maps, restaurants--over 5,000 pages.

  • Time and Place Homes  Rents Left Bank places in Paris

  • The WebMuseum network, is an amazingly ambitious setup with sites all over the world. It receives tens of thousands of "hits" every week and offers countless scanned images of famous paintings, among other things.


  • Time/Life Photo Archives    If you know Time-Life, this is self-explanatory.

  • Fleet Irvine Historic Photos This site has a fantastic treasure trove of old photos grouped around themes, for sale at reasonable prices. Their first web theme was WINE PHOTOS.

  • Corbis Owned by Microsoft, this company is scannning the great photos and paintings of the world.

  • Civil War Photography from the Library of Congress A remarkable historical record.

  • California Museum of Photography A fine photography museum.

  • Fab Food Pix Interesting site devoted to food photos for professionals

  • French version, Photo Magazine Great collections, like Doisneau, online.


  • The Artchive Amazing collection of large format reproductions of the great artists' greatest works.

  • American Heart Association One of the many health organizations on line. You can learn a lot!
  • Bartending Guide  Bartending Secrets Revealed, for the Insider in particular

  • Cooking.com  Kitchen Appliances from Kitchenaid, Viking & other top brands
    Description: Find kitchen appliances like coffee makers, juicers, grills & cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, wine racks and cooking recipes at Cooking.com

  • Cooking In Season Recipes in season with Chef Sean O'Rourke

  • Epicurean Foods International Specialty foods, Canadian and American sites. Pasta sauces, teas, fine chocolate gifts, gift baskets and more. 

  • Manybooks.net Probably the best free, legal e-book site. Many of their offerings come from Gutenberg, but I like the organization of their website better, and love their many online multiple conversion utilities, so you get the right format from the start without having to do anything but pick what you want. Plus, they do have their own content as well.

  • PROJECT GUTENBERG The world's great works are online here, free as e-books. From Herman Melville to Tolstoy to Dickens to Arthur Conan Doyle.  You can convert to PDBs (using free programs like MakeDoc) or other formats from *.txt. You won't find new books, but if you support literacy and learning, check in here.


  • Hondo Magic Hilarious web site that does an amazing, on-line card trick.   REALLY had me going there for awhile.

  • Map Quest Get detailed driving directions to anywhere!

  • New York Bytes
    Great site with lots of NYC dining info

  • Rent in Spain 
    Privately owned self-catering accommodation for affordable holidays in the Spanish Costa Blanca. 

  • RestaurantPage.com Self-explanatory....

  • San Francisco Boutique Hotels

  • Shola's Studio Kitchen One of America's top young chefs, has a food-and-wine blog.


Internet Tools

Here are some practical  Internet sites....

  Portals are a big issue these days; my advice, if you care....Yahoo. Not the prettiest, but about the easiest, most reliable and most customizable, with numerous features.  Some other helpful sites:


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